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We are once again faced with an upcoming move from our lovely farm, as the owners are returning from Europe.  At this time I do not know to where I will be moving, and feel it best to move the cats on to new homes.  I have several young females, the most beautiful of all, and a few older ones, who I have retained or used for breeding who I will now let go at give-away prices.  I am asking $300 each for females with pedigree but no papers/ or $200 for males.
These animals all still need to be neutered at buyers expense. (less for the oldest animals!)         (Animals sold for breeders with papers will be negotiable at considerable higher prices.) 
We also still have some kittens left from this Spring's litters as I became too busy and away to show them this summer.  They are very friendly and still in the house underfoot but will all be offered for $300 with pedigree but no papers.






The Maine Coon is companionable, but not dependent. They seem to enjoy your company as much as you will enjoy theirs, but a lap cat they are not! They will remain very playful and kittenish all their lives, as big, gently, good-natured goofs.

Many people train them to fetch and to walk on a leash. They like water, and some will play in it. They have a distinctive chirp more than a meow. For the most part they get along well with other cats, with dogs, and with children.

Even though they are a long haired cat, they do well with a minimum of a weekly grooming, and usually a good combing is all the need and seem to enjoy. We feed ours a variety of quality dry food, but put the kittens on Eucanuba Kitten Food as they are starting to wean, and we feel this is the best. 

Our home is on a lovely old estate farm just east of Boulder, Colorado, where we raise a large herd of nationally known Champion Nubian Goats.  Visit our site at http://goldthwaite-nubians.tripod.com.   Our kittens are started on goats milk at about 4 weeks of age until they are sold.  We do not like to sell our kittens until they are about 3 months or older, as both their personalities and their colors are really beginning to develope.  They are a long term investment - and we want to be sure they are ready to go to their new homes and their new families are much more sure of what they are getting.

All of our cats come from a Breeder back east who had been raising extremely typy and healthy animals for many years, and noticed the lack of breeders in the Rocky Mountain area. They have never had any of the heart or hip problems noted with some of the breed, and we have stayed within these comfortable bloodlines for several years now and have been careful not to introduce weaker strains into our breeding program.  We particularily breed for temperament along with type!

All kittens come with the following GUARANTEE!

  This kitten is guaranteed for 72 hrs for a Veterinary Exam to be certified free on Contagious Diseases. If within one year it is found to have any genetic or hereditary defects this kitten will be replaced with the 1st available kitten of equal or greater quality, within one year. The defective kitten may be kept, but a letter confirming the defect must be from a Veterinarian, and the owner must pay all shipping expenses. No monies will be refunded.

Occasionally we will have adults available for pets or breeding stock - please visit the for sale page to view who is available.

All expenses for shipping, including veterinary, are the responsibility of the buyer.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website, feel free to contact us with any questions!

                                MAINE COONS OF NIWOT

Beverly Goldthwaite
8912 Araphoe Rd
Boulder, Co 80303
(720) 560-8501